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Complete LegMedic KIT (1 LegMedic Pad + 4 VaporDiscs)
Código: LMK-001
Descripción: A System So Easy To Use All You Have To Do Is Lay Down In Bed!

Unique Patent Pending Solution:

The LegMedic Mattress Pad is designed to hold our revolutionary VaporDiscs in place. You'll notice the comfort pad has 4 holes designed like clovers. The VaporDiscs fit snugly in the clovers.
The LegMedic Mattress Pad is designed to allow the maximum possible airflow around the VaporDiscs - and it works great! So well in fact we were granted Patent Pending status for it.

The Power Is In The Special VaporDiscs:

The ingredients in the VaporDiscs have been used for decades by people as a "alternative therapy" to successfully combat their twitchy restless legs. The main ingredient that provides the relief is Sodium Tallowate.
Sodium Tallowate is a 100% Safe & Natural solution which thousands of people continue to use everyday as a powerful solution to relieve their restless creepy-crawly legs.
The researchers at LegMedic have isolated & developed these special ingredients into a unique proprietary formula contained in the VaporDiscs designed to give you the maximum possible results!

You Won't Even Know They Are There!

The VaporDiscs release no fumes.
They do not smell.
They do not need batteries and no electricity is required for them to be effective.

All that's required is your own body heat to activate the VaporDiscs while under the sheets. For LegMedic to be effective, your feet or legs simply need to be in the vicinity of the VaporDiscs. Your legs don't even need to be touching them and it makes no difference whether you sleep on your back, belly or side - IT WORKS!
Precio: $39.95


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