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NAO and Lake Mary Pack 507 Cub Scouts

Cory Richardson leader of Pack 507 Cub Scouts (Lake Mary) together with the Tigers lead by Ken Garrison, and the Wolves led by Chris Autorino had the courtesy to invite Meta-Data Life Sciences and NAO to come for a fun night to talk about robotics and introduce NAO and its capabilities.

Samuel Lainez (Meta-Data Life Sciences CEO) had the opportunity to share with the group general topics about robotics, how NAO interacts with its environment and people, demonstrate NAO capabilities, and talk about the future of robotics and how NAO will play an important role as a companion type robot.

It was a very interactive session; the Cub Scouts expressed a lot of interest in NAO and robotics and engaged in excellent conversation asking different questions about NAO capabilities, how NAO is used, and their knowledge/understanding about robotics in general. NAO demonstrated its capabilities by performing different dances, locating objects utilizing its vision system, balance and fall recovery, among others.

Meta-Data Life Sciences thanks the Cub Scouts for this opportunity and hope that through learning experiences like this to inspire these young individuals in one future day to become involved in this field and utilize the values they learn as scouts to find ways for this technology to help others and make a difference.